About Us

Tranquility Anywhere.

Let the soothing sound of falling water and the scent of your favorite essential oils turn any space into an oasis.

When was the last time you were able to get away for a spa day or a weekend retreat? It’s probably been a while, because life gets busy and it can be hard to carve time out of your schedule to treat yourself. Aquaflame makes it easier to schedule a little “me time” by turning any space into a relaxing retreat with the sound of falling water. Aquaflame Diffuser Fountains use sensory immersion to create a calming atmosphere through the sound of bubbling water, the scent of nature’s essential oils, and a soft color-changing light to enhance any mood. And because all of our Aquaflame Diffuser Fountains are cordless, you really can create tranquility anywhere.

A bit of history...

Aquaflame was invented by Colorado resident Brian Ray years ago while sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan with his wife. They were basking in the peaceful tranquility of nature when Brian’s wife asked if he could bottle that feeling. Brian created the original version of Aquaflame, a fountain that took inspiration from decorative candles to create a new type of flameless candle with a soothing sound.
Then a few years ago, Brian teamed up with our sister company, Patio Essentials to create a new version of Aquaflame that could be used outdoors with citronella essential oils to be used with their other citronella products to help keep mosquitoes at bay. This new version was something completely different – part portable, cordless fountain and part essential oil diffuser.
The new Aquaflame Fountain Diffuser started us on a journey with Brian to create beautiful, decorative versions for your home to help bring that feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation indoors.