Chakra Meditation Using Aquaflame's LED Features

Chakra Mediation using Aquaflame's LED Features | Aquaflame

We could all use a bit more self-care and awareness in our lives, so we brought in an expert to help us start on our journey of self-exploration! Our Aquaflame Fountain Diffusers aren't just there to look pretty (though they do that pretty well too!); the sound of falling water naturally promotes relaxation and is the perfect addition to your meditation routine. With the help of LED color-changing options, you can run through a simple but grounding and effective chakra meditation, so we're going to turn it over to Nicole from Noble Bird Wellness to teach out about the 7 chakras. At the end of the blog post, she'll take you through a simple beginner's Mindful Chakra Meditation!


Hello! I am Nicole Erickson Sievers, founder of Noble Bird Wellness. I am a yoga instructor, intuitive wellness practitioner, massage therapist, and a dancer. This means self-care and finding ways to bring calm into my busy New York life are essential. I have fallen in love with this little fountain and have found it a beautiful addition to my meditations and practice of the chakras. 

Let’s take a look at the 7 main chakras! 

Simply put, chakras are powerful energy centers, running along the spine that store, give and receive information about our lives and who we are. This exchange of information happens both consciously and subconsciously. The great news is that the energy of each chakra is malleable, so as we learn what stories, beauty, and trauma we have resting in each of our chakras, we can then interact with this energy to shift, balance and heal it. Intention is the key to making these energy centers tangible in daily life, offering us calm, clarity, and strength.

First Chakra- Red

The root, “I am” Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is the foundation of all the chakras. This is the connection and relationship to our physical body and has to do with our basic primal needs. “Will I be safe, secure, and protected?” In this energy center, we combat fears and develop trust.  

Second Chakra- Orange

The sacral, “I feel” Chakra is just below the belly button and is in charge of emotions, creativity, and sensuality as well as the sense of joy and play. Relationships are held in the second chakra, as we learn to healthily express, over-express, or stifle emotions.

Third Chakra- Yellow

The Solar Plexus, “I will” Chakra holds the identity of ego and individuality. Just above the belly button, “the fire in our belly” is where we find power, impulse, commitment, motivation, and self-esteem. Also stored here are career and finances (surprise, surprise!) The Solar Plexus holds physical health and the digestive system while also helping us to “digest life” in sorting out life’s dualities.

Fourth Chakra- Green

The Heart, “I love” Chakra is our social identity, our sense of unity. Located in the center of the chest, self-love and giving/receiving love are the main goals of this energy center. The Heart Chakra houses compassion, devotion, and acceptance while balancing the relationship between mind and body. 

Fifth Chakra- Blue

The Throat, “I speak” Chakra is located in the throat and is in charge of communication, speaking, listening, and self-expression. Through this chakra, we hold and share our truth and we find a sense of belonging. In this space, we identify and separate from limiting beliefs and from false stories and narratives we have come to believe.

Sixth Chakra- Purple or Indigo

The Third Eye “I see” Chakra, located in between the eyebrows is where intuition, wisdom, and clarity live. Through the Third Eye, we listen, perceive, and imagine, accessing the unconscious mind to understand what is unseen with the physical eye. 

Seventh Chakra- Violet or White

The Crown, “I understand” Chakra is at the top of the head. Our inner sage resides here as this center is our connection and access to the Divine, to the Universe, to God. Resting here are belief systems, values, and our ability to live out those values in our self-actualization.  

Even though chakras can come across as mystifying and mysterious, they show up quite tangibly in our daily lives. Simply put, they hold the stories and experiences of our life and then manifest those truths day in and day out. From stress-related, tight shoulders to forgotten joy or trauma from childhood, we are oftentimes affected most by the things we are not aware of. The more mindful we are, the more power we have to access and learn from each chakra and all the knowledge that is already inside of us. 

Meditation is a beautiful way to bring awareness to and connect to your chakras. As I share with you my latest Mindful Chakra Meditation, know that you can adjust anything about this to fit your needs. Find a comfortable place seated with your legs crossed, allowing the muscles in your body to relax down while reaching your spine long and tall. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths in and out through your nose, bringing awareness inside of yourself. Visualize your Root Chakra at the base of your spine and light it up red. As you take three more breaths, do your best to keep your mind’s eye on this energy center as you listen and become curious about its role in your life. On the fourth inhale say to yourself “I am,” and as you exhale, let that thought settle. Take a few more breaths, then move up to the second Sacral Chakra, and so on. As you move up the chakras, there is an added word to “I am” that offers you the strength of that chakra, say them with confidence! (Feel free to use this as a cheat sheet. In time, you will begin to understand and remember each of the chakra's details!) Using the fountain and changing the light’s color, as your work up the chakra rainbow, can offer a beautiful visual tool. 

Mindful Chakra Meditation 4-step recap (scroll down to the bottom of the blog post to watch an IGTV video that walks you through this mediation too): 

  1. Sit comfortably, relax, and close eyes or focus on the Aquaflame fountain diffuser.
  2. Visualize chakra color in its location (starting with Root, ending with Crown)
  3. 3 cycles of breath watching this chakra light up
  4. Inhale: “I am” 
  5. Exhale: the correlating word below
  6. Move up to the next chakra

Root: I AM (base of the spine)

Sacral: I AM CREATIVE  (below the belly button)

Solar Plexus: I AM CAPABLE (just above the belly button)

Heart: I AM COURAGEOUS (center of the chest)

Throat: I AM CONTAGIOUS (center of the throat) 

Third Eye: I AM CONFIDENT  (between the eyebrows)

Crown: I AM CALM (top of the head)

Enjoy learning about and meditating on these powerful energy centers and remember that you already have everything inside of you that you need to heal and thrive!

For more wellness and mindfulness tips (and some really cool photos that showcase her beautiful dance skills), be sure to follow Nicole on Instagram at @noblebirdwellness!